Research & innovation

With the fundamental vocation of contributing to the development of dermatology in the world, training and informing dermatologists in order to limit the loss of chances for patients, the BIODERMA Foundation was created in 2011 by the BIODERMA Laboratory.

The Foundation has made several strong commitments:
– Promoting the dissemination of medical knowledge and good clinical practice, while respecting ethics,
– Act for the training of dermatologists,
– Actively support basic scientific research to advance dermatology,
– Participate in solidarity projects in France and internationally to improve the well-being of patients and populations.

warding of prizes

The Foundation supports the research thanks to its numerous prizes, awarded each year by experts dermatologists, university professors to the best works realized in different on-specialties: Infectiology, Oncology, Photobiology, Pediatric Dermatology, Surgical Dermatology, Anatomical pathology, Angiodermatology, Fundamental Dermatology…

Dissemination of scientific information

The BIODERMA Foundation disseminates the posters of cutting-edge research in dermatology, a way of relaying the winning work to the end.

World Rendez-Vous on Dermatology

420 participants, 42 nationalities, conferences and workshops… One of the most beautiful illustrations of the action of the Foundation for the training of dermatologists. The Foundation allows them to exchange with international experts on the latest scientific and clinical advances, but also on topical topics. The Foundation supports part of the event and the displacement of hundreds of doctors who could not attend the event otherwise, whether they are young interns French or international.

Accompanying patients

The BIODERMA Foundation is very involved in the support of patients in Oncology and Pediatrics in particular.

Promotion of the French language in a scientific environment
Highly committed to the Francophonie, the BIODERMA Foundation enables young French-speaking doctors from around the world to attend the major events in French-language dermatology.

Bioderma Foundation | Under the auspices of the Fondation de France